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Way to Resort
By KTX(Korea Train Express)
KTX Pyeongchang (Jinbu) station to Yongpyong Resort by BUS
  • Bus route : Pyeongchang (Jinbu) KTX station - Alpensia Resort(Welcome Center) – Yongpyong Resort.
  • period : 2018.12.01 ~ 2019.02.28

횡계 시내버스 시간 표
Time from Pyeongchang (Jinbu) Station from Yongpyong Resort Remarks
1 10:50 12:00 Daily
2 13:00 14:00
3 15:00 17:00
4 17:50 19:00
5 20:00 21:00 Only on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and holidays

  • It takes about 20 minutes.
  • Please note that only Yongpyong Resort guests can board on the bus.
  • When boarding the bus, please present your reservation confirmation paper or your Yongpyong Resort membership card to the driver.
  • For your safety, you will not be allowed to board when the seats are full.
  • Above timetable is subject to change following the KTX timetable

By Car

Location Map Location Map
Follow Hwy #1 (Gyungbu Hwy) South till you come to junction for Hwy #7 (Youngdong Hwy). Then, take Hwy #4 East, toward Gangleung. Once on Hwy #4 East, it is very much straight forward until you reach Daegwallyeong Interchange. Along the way you will pass Incheon, Wonju, Saemal and Jinbu junctions. Once you reach Daegwallyeong Interchange, take a right and follow the signs to Yongpyong Resort.
Car Location Information Table
Travel Time Seoul to YongPyong – pproximately 2 ½ hours
Distance Approximately 200 Km

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