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  • 타워콘도 18평 온돌(SOD Type)
  • 타워콘도 18평
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
  • 콘도 타워 객실 사진
Room Rate
SOD(Standard Ondol) / SOT (Standard Twin) / GFO(Garden Floor Ondol)
Type, Standard Rate table
Category Tower 18 type
Normal Room rate SOD/SOT ₩340,000
GFO ₩170,000
Appliance, Tableware, Bed features, Bathroom about Tower amenities table
Appliance TV / Phone / Refrigerator / Air-conditioner / Microwave oven / Hairdryer
Tableware All food utensils corresponding to the room capacity
Bed features SOD : four sets of Korean style bedding
SOT : Two single beds and one set of Korean style bedding
Bathroom Towels / Soap
Condo Front telephone number table
Front +82-33-330-7511
  • Extra fees may be charged for early check-in, late check-out, or additional bedding or towels.

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