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Ski & Snowboard School

The Yongpyong Ski and Snowboard school that cater to the different skill levels ranging
from beginners to advanced.

Image of Personal Lesson Clinic

Classes for foreigner

  • Experienced and high level of ski instructor
  • Minimized class size for focused training
  • Per-day class status available to ride the beginner's level lift

Private Lesson

  • Individual team formed by instructor with a lot of experience and license
  • Classes differentiated from general programs
  • The application of overtime is irrelevant to class times
  • One-to-one instruction based on skill levels
    (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
Image of Personal Lesson Clinic

Beginners classes

  • Instructors with a lot of experience
  • Focused classes for adults and children
  • Day class can help students to ride the beginner’s level of lift
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Group Class

Group Class
Category Detailed Information
Class Capacity
  • 15 persons / 1 team (No more than 15 persons)
Registration Info
  • Register after consulting at Registration Area +82-33-330-7373
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