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Come race down our luge track that stretches over 1,458m.

  • LEISURE Luge

    image of LEISURE Luge1

  • LEISURE Luge2

    image of LEISURE Luge2

  • LEISURE Luge3

    image of LEISURE Luge3

  • LEISURE Luge4

    image of LEISURE Luge4

  • LEISURE Luge5

    image of LEISURE Luge5

  • LEISURE Luge6

    image of LEISURE Luge6

MONA YONGPYONG’s Luge ride offers a thrilling experience and puts you in complete control as you ride down the track sprawled over 1,458m, covering the Pink and Yellow slopes. You can also enjoy the luge ride at night as the tracks are lit up with LED lights to guide your way down the hill.

Operating Hours Closed in the winter Location The top of Pink Slope
Inquiry 033-334-9664 Price 1 Luge ride : ₩17,000
3 Luge rides : ₩45,000
Accompany Child : ₩7,000/1 ride, ₩13,000/2 rides
Quick Pass : ₩25,000/1 ride, ₩59,000/3 rides
Information Maintenance : 13:00 ~ 14:00
Not advisable for pregnant women, babies under 36 months, and the elderly (over 65 years)
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