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Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Cyber Members

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Terms of Use is to define the Yongpyong Cyber Club services, conditions, membership details, and other matters related to the websites operated by Yongpyong Resort.
It operates Beache Palace and Peak Island, along with Yongpyong Resort (hereinafter referred to as "the companies").
The website users can access the services through a single ID and password.

Article 2 (Validity)

1. This Terms of Use takes effect after it is posted at the service page following the public notification procedure in line with the following: Article 31 of Telecommunications Business Act; Article 21 Section 2 of the Enforcement Regulation. Or the Terms of Use will be sent to its members through email or another vehicle before it takes effect.
2. This Terms of Use may be revised by the companies. It shall take effect after it is notified at the website or to each member.

Article 3 (Other Regulations)

Other matters that are not stipulated in this Terms of Use shall follow the related laws including the following: Framework Act on Telecommunications; Telecommunications Business Act.

Article 4 (Definitions)

The terms used in this Terms of Use are defined as follows.
- Members (condo/ golf/ hotel members) : Customers who signed a condo/ golf/ hotel contract with the companies 
- Yongpyong Cyber Club members (website members) : Customers who registered as members at the Yongpyong Cyber Club website
- ID : Combination of characters and numbers selected by members and approved by the companies for member identification and service usage
- Password : Combination of characters and numbers selected by members for their information protection
- Cancellation : Expressing a desire to terminate the contract by the companies or members  To be a Yongpyong Cyber Club member, the following procedure is required.

Article 5 (Membership Registration, Company Approval, Establishing a Contract)

1. Membership registration is done online by filling out the following information.
① Name
② Date of birth
③ ID (combination of 4-13 English characters and numbers)
④ Password (combination of 4-13 English characters and numbers)
⑤ E-mail address
⑥ Home address
⑦ Home phone number
⑧ Cell phone number
⑨ Gender
⑩ I-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number)
⑪ Residence
⑫ Hobbies
⑬ Occupation
⑭ Interests
2. Approval of Companies
The companies approve the registration of members after they have filled out the required fields of Section 1 accurately.
In the following cases, the companies may delay the approval.
- When there is a shortage of equipment
- When there are technical issues
- Other cases seriously affecting the companies 
In the following cases, the companies may reject or cancel the approval.
- When a false name was used
- When someone else’s name was used
- When false information was given for registration
- When the registration was intended to violate the social order and peace or public morals
- When the application has unfulfilled the company requirements
3. If users press the “Register” button after filling out the form, they have agreed to the Terms of Use.

Article 6 (Service Content)

Yongpyong Cyber Club members are entitled to various services such as a discount on Yongpyong Resort facilities.
The service content will be posted at the website.

Article 7 (Company Obligations)

The companies do not leak or distribute the member information to a third party without their approval. However, the following cases are excluded: when it is requested by a government agency in line with related laws including Framework Act on Telecommunications; crime investigation; request from Information Communication Ethics Committee; other requests following the legal procedures.

Article 8 (Member ID and Password Management)

ID and password management is the responsibility of members. They are responsible for all the results arising from negligent management of their ID and password. If their ID has been used for illegitimate purposes, it must be reported to the companies.

Article 9 (Changing the Contract Details)

If the user information has been changed, it must be revised online.

Article 10 (Member Obligations)

1. Each member must comply with the related laws, this Terms of Use, and the details notified by the companies, such as service guidance and precautions. Also, users must not interfere with the business of the companies.
2. Members must not engage in any type of profit-seeking activities with the services without prior consent of the companies.
3. Members must not copy, duplicate, change, translate, air, or misuse the service-related information or offer it to a third party.
4. Members must not engage in the following actions in connection with service usage.
- Illegitimate use of other members’ ID
- Crime-related activities
- Activities that violate the customs or social order
- Actions that undermine or insult others
- Violation of other people’s rights such as intellectual property rights
- Hacking or computer virus distribution - Sending unwanted information such as ads to other people
- All activities that interfere with the stable operation of the services
- Any type of illegal activities

Article 11 (Offering Information and Posting Ads)

1. The companies may offer various information to users for service operation through the website and other methods.

2. The companies may post ads at the website and member email for service operation.
Article 13 (Suspension of information supply)

In the following cases, the companies may stop offering information.
1. When it is inevitable for system maintenance
2. When the operator suspends its telecommunication services during the period specified by Telecommunications Business Act
3. Other cases where the service supply is disrupted

Article 14 (Deletion of Posts and Content)

The companies may delete the posts and content that violate the Article 10 above and those that have exceeded the designated display period.

Article 15 (Rights and Obligations for Posts)

All the rights and responsibility for posts including copyrights lie with the members involved.

Article 16 (Contract Cancellation and Usage Restriction)

1. If a member wishes to cancel their contract, they must send a request to the company by the day before the cancellation through the service or email. (If the day of cancellation is a holiday, the request must be sent at least two days before then.)
2. If a member has violated the Article 10 and has failed to solve the problem, their service usage may be terminated by the company.

Article 17 (Compensation for Damages)

As for free services, the companies takes no responsibility for any damages to members, unless they were caused by grave errors of the companies.

Article 18 (Exemption, Damages)

1. The companies take no responsibility for all information posted by members as to its accuracy and reliability. They are responsible for all damages caused by their posts and information they have sent while using the services.
2. The companies take no responsibility for all transactions using the services between members or outsiders in violation of Article 10. Also, the companies take no responsibility for profits pursued by members from their service usage.
3. The members are responsible for all damages caused by negligent management of their ID and password or an outsider’s illegitimate use of their ID and password.
4. If the companies cover the damages to a member or outsider caused by a member violating the Article 10 or other terms, the member must compensate for all damages and exempt the companies from the responsibility.

Article 19 (Dispute Resolution)

1. The companies and members must strive to resolve their disputes arising from the service usage.
2. If the dispute leads to a lawsuit despite the Section 1, it will be handled by a court that has jurisdiction over the company headquarters.

Article 20 (Children’s Personal Information Protection)

1. To collect the personal information of children under 14, the companies obtain their legal representatives’ consent.
2. The legal representatives of children under 14 can view and edit the personal information and revoke their consent with a request. The companies will respond to the request without delay.

Article 21 (Effective Date)

This Terms of Use shall take effect on February 7, 2000.     Yongpyong Resort will strive to offer differentiated services and accurate information and promptly handle all issues.

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