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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Yongpyong Resort highly values the personal information of customers and strives to protect it at all times. Yongpyong Resort complies with personal information-related laws including the following: 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection」 (hereinafter referred to as "Act on Information and Communications Network"); 「Personal Information Protection Act」 (hereinafter referred to as "Privacy Act").
In line with Article 27 Section 2 of the "Act on Information and Communications Network" and Article 30 of Privacy Act, the 「Privacy Policy」 of Yongpyong Resort is available to customers at all times through the website (http://www.yongpyong.co.kr).

The 「Privacy Policy」 of Yongpyong Resort applies to all its website users and the service users of Yongpyong Resort with the following content.

  • 1. Agreement on Collecting Personal Information

    Yongpyong Resort allows users to press 「Agree」 or 「Disagree」 as to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at the website. If they click on 「Agree」, they have agreed with the collection of personal information.

  • 2. Items of Personal Information Collected by

    Yongpyong Resort collects the following information for registration, counseling, and service application.
    Items collected

    1) Required items: Login ID, password, i-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number), name, date of birth, gender, home address and phone number, cell phone number, email address
    2) Additional items: Residence, occupation, hobbies, interests
    Information collection method - Homepage (registration), prize give-away events

  • 3. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Usage

    We utilize the personal information for the following purposes.

    o Checking user identity for member services, personal identification, registration intent check, verifying the consent of legal representatives of minors under 14, handling customer complaints, delivering announcements
    o Delivering promotional messages such as marketing and advertising events, offering services and display ads based on demographic characteristics

  • 4. Personal Information Retention and Utilization Period

    In principle, all personal information is destroyed right after the purpose of collection and utilization is fulfilled. However, if it has to be retained in line with related laws, the data is stored for a certain period in line with the following laws.

    Items retained: Payment records Retention basis: Act on Consumer Protection in Commercial Laws and Electronic Commerce Transactions Retention period: 5 years Records on contract or subscription cancellation: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions) Records on payment and supply: 5 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions) Records on customer complaints and handling disputes: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions)

  • 5. Procedure and Method of Personal Information Disposal

    In principle, all personal information is destroyed right after the purpose of collection and utilization is fulfilled. The procedure and method of disposal are as follows.
    1) Procedure of disposal: Yongpyong Resort selects the personal information that must be destroyed when necessary; it is done with the consent of personal data (protection) manager.
    2) Method of disposal: The data in electronic files is destroyed with technical methods that make it irreversible. The data in paper documents is shredded with a machine or burned through the use of fire.

  • 6. Offering Personal Information

    Yongpyong Resort does not provide the user's information to outsiders. However, the following cases are exceptions.
    - When the users have agreed to do so in advance
    - When it is based on the law or requested by an investigative agency following the legal procedure and methods.

  • 7. Consignment of Personal Information Collected

    To provide services, Yongpyong Resort consigns the personal information to the following vendors.
    1) Vendors: Korea Investors Service, e-Park Mall, Daewon Express Bus & Tour, MOGIT, Golden Express Bus, Asiana Tour, KM Tour, Ace Theme
    2) Purpose of Consignment: Member management, checking user identity for members-only services, checking user identity for seasonal shuttle pass, delivering promotional information

  • 8. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives as to Personal Information

    1) Customers can view and edit the registered information of themselves or minors under 14 and request their membership cancellation.
    2) To view and edit the information, the users should click on 'Edit personal information' (Or 'Edit member information'). To cancel membership (withdrawing agreement), click on "Cancel membership." You can view and edit your information or cancel your membership after your identity is confirmed. Or if you contact our personal information manager by phone or email, we'll do so without delay.
    3) If you have asked us to correct wrong information, we do not use or offer it until it is corrected. If the wrong information has been given to a third party, we will notify the results of correction as soon as it is completed.
    4) As for the personal information deleted upon the request of users or legal representatives, Yongpyong Resort handles it in line with the "4. Personal Information Retention and Utilization Period." The information will not be viewed or used for any other purposes.

  • 9. Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collector and Rejection

    We operate a 'cookie' that stores and retrieves your personal information whenever necessary. A 'cookie' is a small text file sent by the ОО website server to your browser and stored in your hard disk. We use the cookie for the following purposes.
    1) If we need to store your information with the cookie, our server reads your browser's cookie and identifies your computer upon your access to our website. By creating a cookie for your browser upon your access, we can identify how often our members and non-members visit our website and how many users visit us. Also, we use the cookie to check your event and survey entries.
    2) Method of cookie installation/ operation and rejection
    At the [Tools] menu of your web browser, you can adjust the [Internet Option]->[Security]->[Level of customization]. It allows you to accept all cookies, receive a notification for cookie installation, or reject all cookies. However, if you reject the storage of cookies, you may not be able to use the services that require a log-in.

  • 10. Technical/ Managerial/ Physical Protection Measures for Personal Information

    To protect the personal information of users, Yongpyong Resort has the following technical measures to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, fabrication, and damage of the personal information.
    1) The personal information of users with password and data encryption is protected through a password. Important data is protected through a separate security function with file data encryption or the file locking function. Also, personal information is delivered safely on the network through encrypted communications.
    2) Measures against hacking
    Yongpyong Resort backs up its data on an ongoing basis to prevent the leakage and damage of personal information. To prevent the hacking and virus, a vaccine program is used as a safeguard. The program is updated on a regular basis and if a virus is detected, it is immediately eliminated through a vaccine. Thus, it prevents the leakage of personal information at all times. Also, unauthorized access of outsiders is prevented through firewall and other intrusion blocking systems. Yongpyong Resort strives to secure all the technical devices in order to ensure the system security.
    3) Minimizing the manpower and education Yongpyong Resort limits the access to customer information through minimum manpower. The employees are trained on a regular basis to comply with Privacy Policy.
    4) Management and operation of personal information protection Yongpyong Resort checks whether the Privacy Policy has been followed by the company and employees on an ongoing basis. If the personal information has been lost, leaked, fabricated, or damaged due to the managerial or technical accidents, it is notified to the customer right away for quick handling. However, if the information has been leaked due to the customer negligence or online issues, we do not take responsibility.
    5) Internal management planning and execution To protect personal information, Yongpyong Resort establishes and executes the management plans.
    6) Restricted access to Computer Room and Data Storage Room Access to the Computer Room and Data Storage Room with customer information is restricted by Yongpyong Resort. It only allows authorized personnel to enter these places.

  • 11. Children's Information Protection

    Under the law, children under 14 must be aware of the Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Usage before sending their personal information to others online.
    Also, they must obtain the consent of their legal representatives in advance. Thus, we explain the stipulations above through the Terms of Use upon the registration of users. Upon registration, we verify whether they have obtained the permission of their parents.
    We send an email to their legal representatives and ask them to send us their consent. Their personal information is used for verifying their consent only.
    The legal representatives of children under 14 can view and correct the personal information of the minors upon request.
    Also, they can cancel their consent. When it is requested, we will handle it without delay.

  • 12. Installation and Operation of Image Information Processing Device

    Yongpyong Resort installs and operates image information processing devices as follows.
    1) Purpose: Ensuring facility safety and preventing fires at Yongpyong Resort
    2) Number of units/ location / shooting range
    - 900 units in major facilities such as the hotel, condo, youth hostel, water park, stores, Sky House, and ski slopes
    - Shooting range: All areas of major facilities and ski slopes
    3) Managers of image information processing device
    - Building manager: Nam Tae-soo, Manager of Facility Development Team (access controller: Ahn Joon-kyu, Assistant Manager)
    - Slope webcam image information manager: Nam Tae-soo, Manager of Facility Development Team (access controller: Ahn Joon-kyu, Assistant Manager)
    4) Image information shooting time, retention period, storage place, and processing method
    - Shooting time: 24 hours
    - Retention period: 30 days after shooting (However, webcam image information is not stored)
    - Storage place and processing method: Stored and handled at the image information processing device room of the facility team
    5) Method and place of image information verification: Done by the manager upon request
    6) Request for viewing the image information by the owner: It must be requested through the Personal Image Information Viewing & User Identity Verification Form. The viewing is permitted for the following cases only: when the information owner has requested it; when it is tied to protecting the life, body, and asset of the information owner
    7) Technical, managerial, and physical measures for image information protection : internal management planning; restricting access and the access authority; applying safe image information storage and transmission technology; storing the processing records; preventing fabrication and falsification of records; building storage facilities and locking devices

  • 13. Handling customer complaints as to personal information

    Managing personal information: Yoo Seung-joon, Manager of Marketing Team
    Phone number : 02) 3270-1235
    Email : zunny@yongpyong.co.kr

    Processing personal information: Yoo Seung-joon, Manager of Marketing Team
    Phone number: 02-3270-1235
    Email : zunny@yongpyong.co.kr

    All complaints related to personal information protection of users can be filed to our personnel managing and processing the personal information or the department. We will reply to your complaints in detail. If you need to report your personal information violation or to receive counseling, please contact the following agencies.
    o 1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (www.1336.or.kr/1336)
    o 2. Privacy Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr/ 02-580-0533/4)
    o 3. Internet Crime Investigation Center of Supreme Prosecutors' Office (http://icic.sppo.go.kr/02-3480-3600)
    o 4. Cyber Terror Response Center of National Police Agency (www.ctrc.go.kr/02-392-0330)

  • 14. Obligation to Notify Changes

    If the Privacy Policy is revised, added, or deleted, it will be notified through the "Announcements" of the website.

    15. Effective Date

    Feb. 18, 2013

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