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YongPyong Gift Card

Get discounts up to 50% with YongPyong Gift Card.

YongPyong Gift Card

YongPyong Gift Card can be purchased at front desks,
the Face Shop and the ticket office.
It has all the benefits of affiliated Korean credit cards and more.

KRW50,000 / KRW100,000 / KRW300,000 / KRW500,000

  • 전자상품권 5만원 권 이미지


  • 전자상품권 10만원 권 첫 번째 이미지


  • 전자상품권 30만원 권 이미지


  • 전자상품권 50만원 권 이미지


Discount Rates
전자상품권 할인율
Clasiffication Discount Rates Remarks
Accommodation Up to 50% with advance reservation
Ski and other leisure sports 25 ~ 40% -
Food & Beverage 5% -
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