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Way to Resort

Let's take you to faster transportation.


By KTX(Korea Train Express)

A new KTX line has recently been constructed between Incheon Airport and Gangneung for easier and faster transportation to the Pyongchang Olympics.
When taken a direct train from the airport, it now only takes less than two hours to arrive to Gangneung.
Not only that! The Gangneung Station, the nearest stop to the host city, can be reached from many important cities in South Korea including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Kwangju, Yeosu, Daejeon etc.


자동차 서울에서 자가운전 시 지도

자동차 서울에서 자가운전 시 지도

KTX train fares

Please visit Letsgokorail website for more information on the KTX time schedule and to proceed with the reservation.

셔틀버스 이용안내 및 유의사항 안내표
Fare information Incheon Airport to Pyeongchang (Jinbu) station KRW 34,400원
Incheon Airport to Gangneung station KRW 40,100원
Seoul Station to Pyeongchang (Jinbu) station KRW 22,000원
Seoul Station to Gangneung station KRW 27,600원
To purchase KTX Reservation Website

* Please beware that the above information on fare is subject to change

KTX Pyeongchang (Jinbu) station to Yongpyong Resort by BUS
  • Bus route : Pyeongchang (Jinbu) KTX station – Yongpyong Resort.
  • period : 2018/09/09 ~ 11/30

횡계 시내버스 시간 표
Time from Pyeongchang (Jinbu) Station from Yongpyong Resort
1 11:00 12:00
2 13:00 16:00
3 17:00 19:00
  • It takes about 20 minutes.
  • Please note that only Yongpyong Resort guests can board on the bus.
  • When boarding the bus, please present your reservation confirmation paper or your Yongpyong Resort membership card to the driver.
  • For your safety, you will not be allowed to board when the seats are full.
  • Above timetable is subject to change following the KTX timetable

By car

Just two and a half hour’s drive from Seoul, you can get to the Yongpyong Resort

  • Car Guide Map
  • Car Guide Map

Follow Hwy #1 (Gyungbu Hwy) South till you come to junction for Hwy #7 (Youngdong Hwy). Then, take Hwy #4 East, toward Gangneung. Once on Hwy #4 East, it is very much straight forward until you reach Daegwallyeong Interchange. Along the way you will pass Ichon, Wonju, Saemal and Jinbu junctions. Once you reach Daegwallyeong Interchange, take a right and follow the signs to Yongpyong Resort.

Way to Resort
Travel Time Seoul to Yongpyong – Approximately 2 ½ hours
Distance Approximately 200 Killometers
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