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Seoul Shuttle Bus

Scheduled express bus services are available from Seoul

Seoul → Yongpyong Resort

Incheon Intl Airport → Yongpyong Resort
Platform number (Incheon Airport → Yongpyong Resort) ICN - 1st Floor 9C
Customer Center +82-2-335-5889
Inquiry help@tourtokorea.com
Homepage http://www.tourtokorea.com/bus-2/

Local Shuttle Bus(Winter Peak Season Only)
Incheon Intl Airport → Yongpyong Resort
Local Travel Agency Tel
Deajeon / Cheongju Asiana Tour 1577-7863
Busan / Ulsan / Pohang / Gyeongju Dongsung Travel Service 051-254-3131

Public Express Bus

There is a bus that travels from the Seoul Nambu Terminal.
There is a bus that travels from the Seoul Nambu Terminal near the Yangjae subway station (Line 3) to Hoenggye,
a village 10 minutes away from YongPyong Resort.

Seoul ↔ Hoenggye (South Seoul Terminal / Eastern Seoul Terminal) ↔ Hoenggye
Yongpyong Resort
Homepage https://txbuse.t-money.co.kr/
Customer Center 1644-3070

Hoenggye Local Bus (Customer Center +82-33-332-4209)
횡계 시내버스 시간 표
Hoenggye Yongpyong Resort Alpensia Resort Hoenggye Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm Hoenggye
09:35 09:50 09:53 10:10 10:25 10:40
10:40 10:55 10:58 11:15 11:30 11:45
13:30 13:45 13:48 14:00 14:10 14:40
14:40 14:55 14:58 15:10 (arrive) - -

Bus Fare(Hoenggye Local Bus)
시내버스 이용요금 표
Bus Line Bus Fare
Hoenggye ↔Yongpyong Resort 1,200KRW
Hoenggye ↔ Alpensia Resort 1,200KRW
Yongpyong Resort ↔Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm 1,680KRW
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