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Mt. Balwangsan

The 13th highest mountain in South Korea

Image of Mt. Balwangsan

“Mt. Balwangsan”
Here you will find snow in the winter, colorful leaves in the fall, green forests in the summer and fresh flowers in the spring.

Mt. Balwangsan is situated at 1,458m about sea level and is the 13th highest mountain in south Korea as part of the mountainous region that forms the waist line of the Korean peninsula. With Yongpyong Resort, You can enjoy both hiking and skiing in the winter season, much like in the Alps.

Plant life of Mt. Balwangsan

Mt. Balwangsan's inhabitants include a stunning birch tree forest filled with squirrels, pine trees, mulberry and oak trees, flying squirrels and eagles to name just a few outstanding sights.

A path up a mountain

When you enter Mt. Balwangsan's Trail Road, the trees appear as if they are almost human, living beings just like us. With so many specimens of trees in this mountain, you will probably find a tree that resembles you.
At the peak of Mt. Balwangsan, there is a Swiss style building called Dragon Peak is a Swiss-style building called Dragon Peak and beautiful sky garden. Both of these structures have become another enjoyable theme of Mt. Balwangsan.

Image of Dragon Peak

At the peak of Mt. Balwangsan, the first thing that you will notice is a Swiss style Building called Dragon Peak. Behind that line Sky Garden. Both of these structures have become another enjoyable theme of Mt. Balwangsan.

Dragon Peak

You will find a coffee shop with a traditional Swiss atmosphere. There is a Korean restaurant and a steak house on the first floor. On the second floor, you will find a western-style restaurant famous for their spaghetti. It is almost a requirement to enjoy a cup of coffee while you soak in the nature while you are here.

Sky Garden

Babylon's public park and one of the world's seven mysteries.
The Yongpyong Resort has created this Sky Garden for those who visit Dragon Peak.
You will find a variety of herbs growing here, herbs such as peppermint, apple mint, spearmint, and thyme.


The view of the sunrise from Dragon Peak will capture your heart with its magnificent colors stretching out from the eastern sea.

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