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Mt. Balwangsan

The 13th highest mountain in South Korea

Image of Mt. Balwangsan

Here you will find snow in Winter, fresh flowers in Spring, green forests in Summer, and colorful foliage in Fall.

Mt. Balwangsan is located 1,458m above sea level and is the 12th highest mountain in South Korea; it is part of the mountainous region that forms the coastline the Korean peninsula.

Flora and fauna of Mt. Balwangsan

Mt. Balwangsan's inhabitants include a stunning birch tree forest filled with squirrels, pine trees, mulberry and oak trees, flying squirrels and eagles to name just a few outstanding sights.

Path up Mt. Balwangsan

At the peak of Mt. Balwangsan, the first thing you will notice is a Swiss-style building called Dragon Castle. Behind that lies the sky garden.

Image of Dragon Castle

At the peak of Mt. Balwangsan, the first thing that you will notice is a Swiss style Building called Dragon Peak. Behind that line Sky Garden. Both of these structures have become another enjoyable theme of Mt. Balwangsan.

Dragon Castle

Located on the first floor is a café, “Coffee M Stable”. On the second floor, you will find a restaurant, “Dragon Castle Restaurant”. The café, “Coffee M Stable” uses Balwangsu mineral water for its coffee; it is almost a requirement to enjoy a hot cuppa here while soaking in the scenic views of nature.

Sky Garden

MONA YONGPYONG has created this Sky Garden for the enjoyment of those visiting Dragon Castle.
You will find a variety of herbs growing here, such as peppermint, apple mint, spearmint, and thyme.


The view of the sunrise from Dragon Peak will capture your heart with its magnificent colors stretching out from the eastern sea.

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